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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mother Nature has been kind to us lately.

Let's hear a round of applause for Mother Nature! She provided us with a much needed break from the cold weather with sunny days where we reached record highs in the low 70's. I could hardly believe it was still February.

Today we were back down in the 50's but that didn't keep me and my preschool class indoors. We decided to soak up some more sunshine since it's supposed to start raining tomorrow.

Here are a few pictures from my life over the past couple of weeks...

(Preschool pix......)

(Personal Pix...A Weekend In Gatlinburg, TN)

(That's my big sister up there. I started to do the ropes course, totally chickened out. I am a wimp. LOL)

Entertaining Video

So this is part (b) of my posts for my "Educational Technologies" class.

In honor of my renewed self-esteem and drive for life, I am posting my new "theme song". (Yes I have a theme song just like "Ally McBeal" did. Do you guys remember that show?)

My theme song for 2011: Katy Perry's "FireWork"

This particular video has the lyrics posted. Read them. Learn them. Feel them. We are ALL fireworks!

Educational Video

So this post is actually for my "Educational Technologies" college class. The assignment was to find a) an educational video and b) an entertaining video on YouTube, Google Video or elsewhere and post it to your blog under two seperate posts titled as follows a)"Educational Video" and b) "Entertaining Video".

Since I actually use this blog to promote my business and to keep my friends and family informed on the many events in my life, I decided to upload a video I created last year for my graduating preschoolers.

My preschool class (AKA: Classroom Four) is in the middle of a fundraiser right now. We are selling re-usable snack bags (Email me for details) in an effort to raise funds to purchase a Flip Video (which is a digital video recorder). This will enable me to capture some of our priceless moments together during our time in Classroom Four. This will allow me to include them on their end of the year DVD and enable me to share them on our class website and (with permission of course) on FaceBook as a way to spread those precious (and in high demand) "Quotes of the day from Classroom Four".

Click here to see the video (All images and names have been used with permission).

Hope all my friends, family and teacher enjoy this fun little creation of mine. :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

A non-Valentine related post on Valentine's Day

This weekend was a monumental one - my best friend turned 30!

We have been best friends since we were in Elementary school. (That's a little over 20 years - something we are very proud of.) She and her boyfriend planned a night of fajitas and dancing - it was a huge success and a good time was had by all who attended. This makes me even more excited for my 30th. :)

In other news...

My husband has been spending even more time in the garage. This time the project was taking a dump bed off of one truck and putting in another. A task most said was impossible. This is not the thing to tell him - it just makes him even more determined. After several nights of dealing with a mess like this.....

....the truck is finished and works great. (He loves proving people wrong and I love bragging about what a mechanical genius he is.)

I had a visitor at work today. Amanda Metcalf of Little White House Designs dropped off my new sign. I am in love with it - it matches my office perfectly. I haven't decided exactly where to hang it yet, and since my office still isn't entirely done, I just propped it up on a shelf to take the photo. I really need a week off of work to get this room finished! I am so inspired by the new sign that I have a new blog and website design idea. I can't wait to get to work on it. Thanks again Amanda, I really do love it!

We are supposed to have beautiful weather all week. Hopefully this will inspire me to get the camera out and capture more moments. I have been in such a "funk" lately. It's totally time to break out of it....

Friday, February 11, 2011

My Portrait Session with Boudoir Allure Photography

I really am NOT a vain person but I had to share these with you guys.

One of my dearest friends is a phenomenal photographer. She is inspiration and I admire her work very much. (You can check out her work at Kaelee Denise Photography). She recently ventured out of the world of family and wedding portraiture and into the world of Boudoir. She approached me about scheduling a session with her and allowing her to use some of my images in her advertising. I reluctantly agreed - being a plus sized girl, I don't really enjoy showing off my assets.

I am so glad that I allowed her to talk me into it! We had a blast at the session (loud music, dancing and laughter are apparently all it takes to get my courage up). She made me feel beautiful and the images are stunning!I honestly can't stop looking at them and showing them off. This has been such an eye opener for me. I have never seen myself as beautiful, until now.

Thanks Kaelee - my new found confidence is sure to take me great places. :)

I encourage all of you phenomenal women to step up and schedule a session with Boudoir Photography (Click here for her website).