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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Quick Update...

I took photos of the most beautiful bride this week. I wish that I could post a sneak peek of her photos but they are TOP SECRET until after the wedding. Her dress is gorgeous and princess like. Her hair was breath takingly beautiful and she has a smile that can light up the whole world. She is over flowing with love and I could feel the affects of her emotions for hours after the session was over.

Since I can't share those photos with you I thought I would share a few random photos from my week with you instead. Most of these were NOT taking with my professional camera - just my point and shoot or my iPhone (whatever I had handy at the time).

Monday: 4/25/11

Tuesday: 4/26/11

Wednesday: 4/27/11
This one was actually taken on Thursday 4/21 at a Jimmy Buffet concert but I am revisiting it today as it's one of those "It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere" kind of days.

Thursday: 4/28/11 - After The Storm...

I am heading out bright and early Saturday morning for a week long vacation at the beach with my big sister. I am so stinkin' excited that I can hardly sit still. I must go now and get more homework done so I don't have as much to do while I am at the beach next week.

Love to you all!