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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

City Girl, Country Girl

I have been blessed with two beautiful, sweet, loving and very unique nieces. One loves all things "girly" (jewelry, all things purple and pink, glitter, flowers, ect) and the other loves all things, well, "country" (horses, cowboys/rednecks, jacked up trucks, getting dirty, etc). They always know how to make me laugh. They remind me to be silly and let my troubles roll off my back. They remind me that it wasn't THAT long ago that I was their age; boy-crazy and ready to conquer the world. It's amazing, watching them grow and mature with each passing year. I am proud to be their Aunt, friend and #1 fan.

My girly girl, Devin, turned 17 in February. While visiting her in her big city surroundings recently, I had the privilege of seeing her all "dolled-up" for a dance. She was proud to show off her beautiful orange dress and sparkly necklace. Of course I grabbed my camera and captured a few photos.

After spending time watching Miss D twirling in her dress, I was inspired to come home and capture my "redneck" girl, Cheyanne, in her country surroundings. Cheyanne, who is 16, would rather show off her favorite pair of jeans, cowboy boots, plaid button-down shirt and straw hat.

To all you Aunts reading this, go hug your nieces/nephews today or give them a phone call and remind them of how much you love them, especially if they are teenagers. These girls are reminding me just how hard the teen years are.