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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ten on Ten: Photo Project

I am a fan of blogs. There are several I follow on a daily and weekly basis. One of my absolute favorites is Ashley Ann Photography: Under The Sycamore. I check it on a daily basis and have gained inspiration, knowledge and personal strength from her posts. This week she posted about a fellow bloggers photo project titled "Ten on Ten". (A Bit Of Sunshine) I was intrigued by the challenge and decided that this was something I couldn't pass up. The idea is that on the tenth of each month you take one photo every hour for ten hours. So here is my first "Ten on Ten" post. Enjoy - and feel free to comment. I love hearing from my friends and readers.


AshleyAnn said...

Fun set...Mr. Potatoe makes appearances around here at 10am quite a bit too!