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Friday, September 10, 2010

Project 365: Days 10 thru 16

Better late than are days 10 thru 16 folks.

Day 10: First full week with my new group of 4 year olds. While sitting on the playground reading books this morning, a feather floated down from the sky landing right in a child's lap. He became so excited that the feather chose him that he insisted I take a picture of it.

Day 11: Butterflies make my soul smile.

Day 12: Being a 4 year old isn't always fun and games.

Day 13: Attempted to get some photos of the infants at the preschool today. It didn't go well...

Day 14: Second attempt at photos of the infants didn't go much better but I did get some cute tootsies! :0)

Day 15: I did photo sessions with two very sweet families today. The first family had two boys, the second family had two girls. Our adventures included slides, swings, buckets, rocking chairs and BEES!

Day 16: A calm and quiet day with the best husband, niece, and puppy in the whole world. We started our day off by sleeping. Then we loaded up and headed to the NC Arboretum where we spent the afternoon wandering through the gardens. We made a pit stop on the way home at "Granddad's" for some Honey Crisp Apples, Apple Cider Slushies and an Apple Turnover. I couldn't pick a favorite picture from our time at the Arboretum so I threw together a collage of some of my top choices.


Hope & David said...

Love 10-16. You are so talented Mandy!!!